Prelude Dance Competition | NORCAL ONLINE PACKET
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Saturday, November 10, 2018


Chabot College Performing Arts Center
25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545


Doors Open 5:15 pm
Pre-Show 5:30 pm
Show starts 6:00 pm


$20 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Click HERE to purchase tickets)
(Early Bird Special ends Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 – 11;59pm) 
$30 General Ticket price available to purchase online or at the door




Prelude Norcal Social Media: When discussing Prelude Norcal 2018 on any and all social media platforms, please be sure to use #PreludeNorcal2018” and “#sinkorswim


Please read the following information carefully. For safety and liability purposes, dance team captains/directors are required to convey all below information to each of team members participating and/or performing on stage. 

Prelude NorCal reserves the right to replace any team that does not submit the required materials by the deadlines below. If you have any questions, or concerns, or your team cannot meet a deadline due to an extenuating circumstance, please email the Prelude NorCal Communications Director, Audrey Xu, at


Registration Fee: $25 per dancer/per team

After the deadline below, the fee per dancer will increase to $40, NO EXCEPTIONS
*The director/contact person whose name you write in Row 2 of the Roster will have his/her fee waived. Only one (1) fee waived per team.

Roster & Waiver Form: Please list your roster in the shared Google Sheet. You must also sign a waiver form on the day of Prelude.


Ways to pay the Registration Fee:



VENMO: (Preferred method to pay registration fee)
Download Venmo App via Apple Store or Google Play
– Search and add username @Prelude-Dance.
– Choose “Pay or Request” then enter the proper dollar amount ($25 per dancer).
– In the “What’s it for” box please include your team name and number of dancers that you are paying for.
– Choose “Pay” to make transaction final


Due to a major fee increase, credit card payment via Paypal is NOT an option anymore.
You may use Venmo. Venmo allows you to add your credit card as the primary funding source.
Download Venmo App via Apple Store or Google Play and  follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap the “” icon in the upper left hand corner of the app
  2. Under “Settings”, tap “Banks & Cards”
  3. Tap “Add Debit or Credit Card” and add your card information

Once you add the card, you can set it as your primary funding source in your Settings → Banks and Cards.
Once you have added your credit card on Venmo, please follow payment instructions above.


Make checks payable to Prelude Dance Competition.
Money orders, cashier’s checks, and business checks accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
For any questions or concerns please email our Finance Director, Max Wang, at
Mailing Address:
ATTN: Tony Calub
Prelude Dance Competition
14035 Robin Crest Lane
Chino Hills, CA 91709


For this payment option, please contact Tony Calub:

Dance Style:
Prelude Norcal is a competition rooted in the hip-hop genre. Various other dance styles may be incorporated into your team’s routine. The use of themes and props is encouraged, but not required.

Stage Dimensions: 45’ X 36’ (approx.)


  • The use of fire, flames, anything flammable, pyrotechnic devices and smoking.
  • Any liquids, wet paint, lotion, baby oil (mineral oil), glitter, baby powder or talcum powder may be used that can adversely affect the dancing surface.
  • Dry ice, fog machines, vaping or vaping products.
  • Balloons filled with helium.
  • If stage is littered after your performance your team will be responsible for an immediate and expeditious removal of any debris. Failure to follow these safety measures may result in score deductions or disqualification.
  • Knives and swords
  • Live animals

Judging criteria:
• Routine – Scoring range between 36-45
• Execution – Scoring range between 21-35
• Presentation – Scoring range between 1-20

See sample judges scoring sheet HERE.
Directors of each competing team will be given their team’s score sheets immediately following the competition. 


  • First, second, and third place teams will be announced at the end of the show!
  • The team who wins First Place will receive a Prelude Norcal 2018 Champion banner, plaque and a cash prize of $1500.00. Prelude Norcal 2018 Second and Third Place banners, plaques will be awarded to the respective teams.
  • Other awards given: Best Music Mix and Best Costume
  • Hip Hop International: First place winners also receive a special invitation to compete in the USA Hip Hop Dance Championship and a chance to qualify to compete at World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Phoenix over the summer of 2019. Registration fees for USA Hip Hop Dance Championship will be waived (a $2000 value).

Upload your materials via Google Drive! If you are a first time user, please see the instructions below.
Existing Google Accounts will already have a folder shared with them from Prelude Communications.
NOTE: It is 
highly recommended that you submit your materials early so that you have time to make adjustments if necessary! 

Submit your Team Bio, Photo, and Cheer Video by OCTOBER 17, 2018

  • Team Biography: Please upload your biography to Google Drive in a Word Document format. (500 characters max)
  • Team Photo: Please upload a high-resolution team photo or team logo to Google Drive.
  • Team Cheer Video: Please upload your cheer video to Google Drive. This video will be played as part of your introduction, before your set starts. It should be no longer than ten (10) seconds, and must be compatible with both Windows and MacBook OS.

Submit your Tech Rehearsal Form by OCTOBER 31, 2018

  • Music: The time limit is six (6) minutes. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please upload your mix to Google Drive.
    • Teams who bring music longer than six (6) minutes on the day of Prelude NorCal will be subject to score deductions and possibly disqualification.  
    • Music must be one (1) continuous track.
    • Music may not contain inappropriate or offensive language. Violations will be subject to score deductions.
    • MP3 and MP4 files accepted.
  • Tech Rehearsal and Lighting Form: Please submit your lighting cues through our Google Form at

    Special Sound/Stage Requirements: If you have any special requirements (such as starting off stage, special lighting, etc.), it must be discussed and cleared with the Operations Director (Lilly Zhou, prior to the deadline.

Everyone will get a confirmation email from the Operations Director. From that point on, if there is an issue with music, lighting, etc., another email will be sent to resolve the issue.

Google Drive Instructions (for first-time users) 

  1. Create a Google account:
  2. ***IMPORTANT*** Once you have created your google account, send an e-mail from this account to Prelude Communications (
  3. You will receive an email notification from Google that Prelude Communications has shared a folder with you entitled “Prelude Norcal 2018 | (Your Team Name)”.
  4. Click the blue button “open”
  5. In the top bar, click the drop-down button labeled “Prelude Norcal 2018 | (Your Team Name)” and click “Add to My Drive.”
  6. Upload the files by either dragging to the window, or clicking the blue “New” button on the left-hand side and then clicking “File upload.”

10:00AM – Check-In Begins
All teams must check-in 90 minutes before their tech time. (Early arrival is highly encouraged to ensure that your team will not miss your tech!) Each dancer must bring photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, school ID, passport) to present at check-in. All dancers will be required to sign a Waiver/Release Form. Failure to check-in by your assigned time runs the risk of non-entry. Runners will give house tours immediately after check-in.

11:20AM Tech will run strictly from 11:20AM – 3:00PM with the last tech time running at 2:50 PM. Each team will be given ten (10) minutes for staging and run-through.

  • If you did not receive a confirmation that your music was approved prior to the day of Prelude NorCal, be sure to bring your music on a USB drive (preferred) or CD.
  • Each team must have a majority of their members present and ready at scheduled tech time. (We will provide you with diligent runners to help keep track of time!) 
  • Teams who miss their tech WILL NOT receive another time slot. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Any changes to a team’s scheduled tech time will be communicated to the team’s contact person well in advance. (Please make sure all contact information is correct!)

NOTE: The Competition and Tech Time Lineup will be e-mailed to all teams no later than November 1, 2018.

4:30PM – House Meeting
During the House Meeting, the Prelude Norcal Production Committee will go over rules not covered by the Runners, concerns raised during tech rehearsal, as well as answer questions. We encourage your entire team to be present and punctual at the House Meeting. (You don’t want to miss roll call!)

5:15PM – Doors open

5:30PM – Pre Show starts

6:00PM – Show begins
The balcony is reserved only for dancers with wristbands. Please do not take seats on the theater floor, and please do not bring other audience members to the balcony.

Prelude NorCal 2018 T-shirts:
Exclusive Prelude NorCal t-shirts will be provided for all Competition team performers. We will make an announcement once the design has been finalized. Exhibition team performers may pre-order t-shirts; please email with your team’s t-shirt sizes. The deadline to place orders is October 10, 2018. A limited amount will be available for purchase on the day of Prelude for $25.

Backstage Access Wristbands must be worn at all times.
Only those with wristbands will be allowed backstage at any point during the day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Only those who are listed on a Team Roster AND have paid the Registration Fee will be given Backstage Access Wristbands. They will also be required to sign a Waiver/Release Form on the day of competition.
• If a chaperone is required for a minor (under 18 years of age), please have the attending chaperone AND minor sign the Waiver/Release Form. All chaperones must be listed on the Team Roster and cleared prior to the day of the show or run the risk non-entry. (See Roster)
• Contact a Runner immediately if anyone on your team loses his/her wristband.
• Anyone caught without a wristband in the backstage/dressing room area by Event Security or Prelude Staff will be asked to leave immediately and will not be allowed back.
•In order to minimize the possibility of backstage theft (which unfortunately has occurred at previous Preludes), this wristband rule will be STRICTLY enforced. Although, as a courtesy and convenience we do provide dancers with dressing rooms or areas to leave costumes or bags: BUT, PRELUDE DANCE COMPETITION, ITS HOST TEAM OR THE VENUE/THEATER IS NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGE OR THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY OR ITEMS. IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE ITEMS IN YOUR BAG.

Is your team ready for Prelude NorCal 2018?
Use this checklist to make sure! Reference this list on the day of competition just to make sure you have completed everything.



  • Read through entire Registration Packet and share with your team.
  • Submit Registration Fee ($25.00/performer) by October 4, 2018.
  • Submit Roster by October 4, 2018.



NOTE: It is highly recommended that you submit your materials early so that you have time to make adjustments if necessary!

  • Submit Exhibition team t-shirt pre-orders by October 10, 2018.
  • Upload team cheer video, bio and team photo to Google Drive by October 17, 2018.
  • Upload music to Google Drive by October 31, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Submit your Tech Rehearsal and Lighting Form by October 31, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Check the Prelude NorCal Facebook and the Prelude NorCal 2018 Facebook Event Page for important updates! You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram (@preludenorcal)!



  • Bring $3 for parking at Chabot.
  • Arrive at least ninety (90) minutes before Tech Time.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation that your music was approved prior to the day of Prelude NorCal 2018, be sure to bring your music on a USB drive.
  • Check in! Tell your dancers to have their photo ID’s ready at check-in.
  • Remember to attend the mandatory House Meeting at 4:30PM.
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtag “#preludenorcal2018” and “#sinkorswim” for posting on social media!!!

Prelude NorCal 2018 can help block rooms at a nearby hotel if needed. If you are interested in booking a hotel for a discounted rate, please email

Jacqueline Cuevas
Executive Producer

Mi Le
Staff Coordinator

Audrey Xu
Communications Director

Lilly Zhou
Operations Director

Max Wang
Finance Director

Helen Yip
Marketing Director

Jenylyn Millare
Creative Director

Justin Sung, Nathan Tendido
Brand Directors

Jon Mitsui, Lakshmi Gunanayagam
Community Engagement Coordinators